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New Belgium Brewery

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New Belgium Brewery

Conveyors with access points at New Belgium Brewery

New Belgium Brewery

Food Grade Platform at New Belgium

New Belgium Brewery

Customized Platforms for Access to Equipment

Industry: Food & Beverage

Application: Food Grade Platform

Location: Fort Collins, CO


  • Maximize a total mezzanine footprint of 1,750 square feet
  • Design a platform to accommodate support to bottle conveyor and depalletizer
  • Integrate stairs, ladders and crossover structures to provide access to conveyor system
  • Provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to compliment brand image

New Belgium Brewery - located in Fort Collins, Colorado - is the third-largest craft brewery and the seventh-largest brewery in the nation. The brewery produces 11 different beers, including Fat Tire Amber Ale. New Belgium needed to expand the brewery and add a new high-speed bottle-filling line. KHS USA, an international manufacturer of filling and packaging systems, was contracted as the integrator to align with several suppliers to produce a comprehensive solution. KHS partnered with Cubic Designs to design and build a customized mezzanine/platform system providing New Belgium with a comprehensive integrated solution.


Expand Facility with New Equipment and Space Saving Solutions.

New Belgium Brewery was faced with a few challenges when they were expanding their Fort Collins facility. In addition to adding new equipment such as conveyors and palletizers, the company needed to find a way to maximize floor space while accommodating diverse elevations and multiple access points to the new equipment, all while maintaining their brand image.


Equip Facility with Customized Platforms for Access to New Equipment.

KHS partnered with Cubic Designs to design and build a custom platform that met the unique requirements of the project. The custom steel mezzanine provided an overhead platform to support a bottle conveyor from a high-level depalletizer to a ground-level infeed of filling equipment. The conveyor made a long decline from approximately 15 feet down to just over 10 feet. The overhead platform changed elevation to accommodate the conveyor. Additionally, the platform included stairs, ladders and crossovers that provided easy access to the conveyor system. The NBB expansion also incorporated an overhead platform to access the case palletizer located at the end of the bottle-filling line. This platform wrapped around the palletizer to allow access to it as well as the robot and conveyors that passed through the center. The entire machine area was enclosed with safety guarding and cages.


Customized Solution that Looks Great.

New Belgium Brewery and KHS chose Cubic Designs for these mezzanine solutions because of the competitive cost, ease and speed of installation, and for professional engineering support and customization. The powder coated steel mezzanines work very well for New Belgium and are aesthetically pleasing. New Belgium is very proud of their new beer line, and the mezzanine supports the “look” that they wanted with the line, while also providing the basic functionality of a support structure.