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Food Grade Platforms at Leading Beverage Company

Leading Beverage Company

Leading Beverage Company

Leading Beverage Company

Equipment Platform Systems

Industry: Food & Beverage

Application: Food Grade Platform

Location: United States


  • Create custom mezzanines and platform systems that met operational guidelines and worked within an existing facility

Cubic Designs worked closely with two separate dealers/system integrators to create a multiple mezzanine and platform facility for a leading beverage company that helped the customer build a more efficient distribution process for its bulk products within an existing facility.

The project incorporated:

  • Three-level mezzanine system
  • 15-foot-tall, one-level mezzanine
  • Multiple low-level equipment platform systems, mostly 18 inches off the facility surface.

As the operation in this specific part of the customer’s facility was established for distribution purposes, and all product was protected within its own packaging at that point, food grade standards technically did not have to be met. However, the customer did have specific requirements on the ability of the deck system to be able to contain product spills for a period of time as to allow for proper clean-up.

“This customer needed an economical deck system that would prevent their beverages from seeping through and collecting in crevices in the event of a spill. The solution was to use ResinDek® high density wood with DiamondSeal coating, along with an FDA-approved sealant to fill all joints,” said John Moore, Cubic Designs Vice President of Operations.

“In the overall project, this customer needed to streamline their distribution process, taking hundreds of bulk pallets of multiple brands of their product and efficiently picking, sorting, and distributing them out to meet specific customer orders. The system that our integrator customers provided was amazing, and required some very tricky mezzanines and platform systems to support everything.”


Create mezzanines and equipment platform systems that would help the customer integrate many functions, each reliant upon the other, to ensure timely processing of bulk beverage orders.

Multiple mezzanine levels, crossover systems, and various equipment and operator access platforms, each custom-designed, were a few of the challenges specific to this project. A spill containment requirement presented another unique challenge.

“It wasn’t a matter of just following standard specs,” Moore said. “We had to understand what they were trying to do, and what their goals were in order to make intelligent design recommendations.” This included meeting highly specific demands on deck surface materials.


The complexity of the system required strict coordination between Cubic Designs, two integrators and the customer.

Grenzebach Corporation was the lead integrator on the project, and brought in Materials Handling Technologies (MHT) for complementary services that would help expedite the process and add value to the solution. Design teams were able to collaborate with the customer to envision and build a sophisticated plan.

“Grenzebach and MHT were instrumental in coordinating logistics on all parts of this project, but particularly with the two-level structure (actually three levels when you consider it involved an intermediate-level platform that supported more conveyors), which is a very complicated operation of switched conveyors.”

The last piece of the puzzle was to select a deck surface that met the client’s expectations for cleanliness. “They wanted a surface that they had used historically because they were comfortable with how it would perform and the fact it wouldn’t absorb any spills,” Moore said. “We teamed with Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products to use ResinDek® panels to give them the best value in high-tech flooring.”

To convince the client the ResinDek® panels were up to the task, testing was done on moisture resistance, wear resistance and seepage potential to lower levels from products spills. These tests included submerging panels in sample beverages to prove resistance levels were sufficient.


Cubic created a system of mezzanines and platforms that enabled the customers’ team to move pallets and product easily throughout the facility.

“The real ‘win’ in this situation was the fact that we were able to design, manufacture and install so many different levels of infrastructure within an existing building while enabling a level of performance that the company was looking to attain,” Moore said. “I give a lot of credit to Grenzebach and MHT for pulling off such a complex system as this, and we were happy to have been a part of this challenging project.”