Swing Rails providing a path at Inpro


Safety rails and swing gates come together to ensure the safety of anyone who walks through the door at Inpro


Inpro's VP of Supply Chain Management, Mike Sekula, accepts an award from the Wisconsin Safety Council

Industry: Building Materials

Application: Safety Products

Location: Muskego, WI


  • Control pedestrian walkways throughout the facility
  • Provide protection from forklifts
  • Use gates to increase pedestrians' awareness of surroundings

Inpro Takes Safety Seriously

Inpro, headquartered in Muskego, Wisconsin, is an international industry leader in door and wall protection systems, washroom systems, expansion joist systems, privacy systems, and architectural signage. They are dedicated to protecting buildings and the people who work in those buildings.

But it is not just the safety of their customers that Inpro is concerned with; they do everything they can to ensure their team is as safe as possible. With a 21-person safety committee, an entire week each year dedicated to safety, and a facility which has been accident free since August 2013, it is obvious Inpro does not mess around when it comes to keeping their employees safe. As soon as Inpro’s team identified that their walkways were not as safe as possible, they turned to Randy Smith of Smith Material Handling who partnered with MiTek Mezzanine Systems to develop a custom solution.


Increasing Pedestrian Safety is no Small Task

Inpro’s World Headquarters in Muskego, WI consists of several buildings with parking lots on all sides. In order to reach the corporate offices, team members must pass through the manufacturing and warehousing portions of the facility. Inpro’s safety committee was looking for a way beyond painted walkways and signs to increase safety and awareness around their facility.


Custom Gates Maximize Safety

Randy Smith of Smith Material Handling worked with safety product managers from MiTek Mezzanine Systems to design 14 custom swing gates. These gates, located at entrances to the facility and other doorways, force pedestrians to slow down and really take in their surroundings before proceeding. The gates, coupled with safety rails, help separate man from machine.


Top Marks for Safety

With the project coming in on time and on budget, Inpro’s team can be sure that they are set to maintain their excellent safety record. As Randy Smith pointed out “Cubic Designs’ products were a perfect fit for this application” and aided in increasing the safety of an already safe facility.  Inpro is so safe that they recently received an award from the Wisconsin Safety Council for 1.5 million injury-free work hours.