Cubic Designs’ Mezzanine System Maximized Space and Increases Efficiency for a Florida Commercial Laundry Facility

A worldwide leader in food services, facility management and uniforms recently purchased a 76,000 square foot space in Florida to use as a laundry facility. They quickly realized that in order to maximize efficiency some of their equipment and storage would have to be elevated. That’s where the teams at Cubic Designs and Arco Murray came in.


Maximize Square Footage within the Building Constraints

In order to process between 300,000 and 500,000 pounds of laundry per week, this facility needed more space than the 76,000 square feet the building layout provided. They knew going up with a mezzanine was the answer, but mezzanines have columns and they needed to maximize as much floor space as possible. They needed to find a custom mezzanine manufacturer to provide them with a solution that would give them the most elevated space with the least amount of columns on the floor.


Use Existing Building for Structural Support

In order to reduce columns and maximize floor space, it was decided that the existing building structure would be used to support parts of the mezzanine.  To achieve this, Cubic Designs’ professional engineers designed wall connections that integrated with the C-Channel framing.  Along with Arco Murray, Cubic Designs coordinated with sub-contractors to insure that the point loads, conveyor loads, and footings were all properly in place to ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency.


Increased Space and Efficiency

By working together, Cubic Designs and Arco Murray were able increase this laundry facility’s space by 14,000 square feet. Without this added area, the facility would not have been able to process the hundreds of thousands of pounds of laundry that come through their doors each week. Elevating the storage and some of the conveyors and minimizing the number of columns maximized the facility’s work flow.  Upon purchasing this property, this world leader in laundry processing knew that they would need more space and turned to Cubic Designs and Arco Murray to make that a reality. Cubic Designs’ custom mezzanine solution provided them with the space they needed to get the job done.