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Food Grade Platforms from Cubic Designs incorporate the benefits of standard bolted-design to meet the requirements of food and beverage facilities. These custom work platforms accommodate spaces from food processing assembly lines to industrial packaging plants. Cubic Designs provides solutions for food production facilities to take advantage of vertical space.  We do this by creating systems to free up floor space and create storage space in an existing facility.
Our steel mezzanines are designed for production lines and equipment support. We do this by utilizing galvanized steel, or a powder-coat finished carbon steel. This steel makes food-grade mezzanine platforms ideal for food and beverage processors and packagers.
A free-standing mezzanine system provides a cost-effective alternative that can increase productivity and efficiency. Each mezzanine platform will allow you to add a second or third level to your facility and better utilize existing space. Discover how a Cubic Designs Mezzanine can transform your area now.

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Benefits that set us apart:

  • Accomodates varying degrees of clean design requirements
  • Closed shapes and clean connection designs minimize catch points
  • Open shape, C-Channel framing option in "dry" areas with less stringent clean requirements
  • Bolted connections for quick and easy installations with fastener and connection design options
  • Galvanized steel or powder coat finish
  • Great for washdown applications
  • Various deck options: stainless steel, aluminum plate, concrete, open bar grating (steel or fiberglass)
  • Various kick plate and handrail options



Find out which of our four framing systems is the perfect fit for your project.


Mezzanine Decking Options

Each decking system is unique, it's important to choose the one that fits your needs best. 

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Find the Perfect Color and Finish

Preview finish options and find powder coat color selections that fit your application best.

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3D Mezzanine Builder

Create and customize your mezzanine before its built with our 3D Mezzanine Builder. 

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Lifetime Warranty

Cubic Designs guarantees all of our structural components with a lifetime warranty.

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