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Manufacturing Process

High-Quality Manufacturing

For over 30 years, Cubic Designs has  manufactured high-quality, custom steel mezzanines and platform systems. Our 106,000 sq. ft. facility is equipped for the forming and fabrication of medium and heavy gauge sheet steel and components, including mezzanines and safety products.

  • Carbon and 304 stainless steel fabricating and finishing capabilities
  • In-house metal forming capabilities
  • Powder coat paint process for long-lasting, superior finish
  • Bead blast system for stainless steel structures
Our complete in-house fabrication services enable us to offer you customized systems at an affordable price. We take great care in the packing and transportation of our materials to ensure that they arrive on time and in shop-quality condition.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Shearing
  • Sheet metal forming
  • 6-axis plasma cutting machine
  • CNC-controlled plasma cutting table
  • Drilling
  • Hot- or cold-rolled steel and other metals
  • Powder coat finishing operations - booth size: 4’ x 8’ x 40’
  • Automatic and manual bead blast system - booth size: 6’ x 8’ x 38′

Bill Shreve, Certified Welding Inspector/Wisconsin Weld Test Agent

“Cubic Designs does manufacturing the way it should be done.  As a person that has been in this business for over 40 years, I applaud Cubic Designs for their dedication to the whole process.  They are a model company.”