GSA Mezzanines and Platforms for Military and Federal Government

Cubic Designs has experience fulfilling GSA mezzanine and industrial safety product orders for all types of government and military agencies. Our pre-engineered mezzanines can effectively double or triple your floor space and are much lower in cost than new construction. Every Cubic Designs product is available at a pre-negotiated GSA Contract price, providing federal government and military buyers with a fast and convenient way to purchase structural mezzanines, protective guard rails, industrial stairs, elevated pipe racks and more at fair prices.

Cubic Designs mezzanine and safety products are defined as “Domestic construction materials” and satisfy the requirement of Buy America Act (FAR 25.003), which mandates the use of domestic construction materials in construction contracts performed in the United States.  This determination is based upon definitions stated in FAR 25.003 which states:  “The cost of the components mined, produced, or manufactured in the United States exceeds 50 percent of the cost of all its components.”  Cubic Designs end products far exceed these requirements.  In order to maintain this procurement qualification and in the interest of our U.S. economy, Cubic Designs gives first priority and seeks every opportunity to procure all components domestically as they are available.


Features & Benefits

  • Maximize existing space. Customization at a competitive price.
  • Professional look and attention to detail. Assembly friendly design for fast installation and little disruption.
  • AISC Certified. Professionally engineered at no extra charge.
  • Meets all applicable building codes. Great care in packing and transportation of our materials to ensure shop quality condition.
  • Complies with all procurement regulations including CICA and Economy Act. Prompt, reliable project management.

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Who We've Done It For

  • US Air Force
  • US Navy
  • US Marine Corps
  • US Army
  • GSA