Cubic Designs: The Greatest Hit

NEW BERLIN, WI—February 9th, 2015—Cubic Designs was named one of “MiTek’s Greatest Hits” of 2014.  This award recognizes record-setting performances while maintaining MiTek’s core values: Integrity, Passion for the Customer, Teamwork, Employee Engagement, Relationship Driven and Ownership Minded.

Since being acquired by Mitek in 2013, Cubic Designs has seen steady growth and strives to maintain their place as a record-setting company.  Becoming part of the MiTek family has been a great experience for Cubic Designs and as John Moore, Vice President of Cubic Designs, explains“we share similar core values. MiTek shows appreciation not only for its companies, but also for the people who make those companies great.  The fact that Gene Toombs [MiTek Group President] took the time to come and personally present this award to the entire Cubic Designs team meant a lot. Without our engineers, sales support, marketing, installation, IT, manufacturing and regional managers none of this would have been possible, and recognizing them for a job well done is incredibly important to us.”

In October 2013 Cubic Designs was acquired by MiTek Industries, a Berkshire-Hathaway Company, based in Chesterfield, Missouri.  MiTek is a diversified global supplier of engineered products, software and systems to the construction industry.


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