Cubic Designs Receives Innovation Award

May 1, 2015

Cubic Designs has received Beverage World’s 2015 Warehousing Innovation Award. This award recognizes companies that are revolutionizing the warehousing industry.  Cubic Design’s mezzanine systems are helping customers to maximize the existing space in their warehouse. These carbon or stainless steel systems are professionally engineered and then manufactured at our 106,000 square foot plant in Wisconsin. Cubic Designs’ Marketing Manager, Shannon Salchert, explains that “We are constantly striving to improve ourselves and maintain the highest standard of service for our customers.  The food and beverage industry can be tricky because of clean design requirements, but we’ve engineered a solution to minimize catch points while still offering a pre-manufactured product at an affordable price.”

To learn more about the award and to see the other recipients, click here.beverage world award

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