Cubic Designs, Inc. introduces NEW FOOD GRADE PLATFORMS

Cubic Designs, a leader in custom mezzanine engineering and fabrication, has recently introduced their new Food Grade Platforms. These platforms are ideal for food and beverage processing and packaging companies that must meet clean design requirements and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s), as designated by AIB International. Cubic Designs’ AIB-audited stainless steel platforms not only meet these clean design requirements, but also incorporate the benefits of their “standard” bolted-design mezzanines and platforms.

This new food grade design incorporates stainless or galvanized steel, closed shapes (rectangular tube steel framing) and a clean connection design to minimize any catch points for bacteria. They also offer special fastener connections to minimize exposed threads.  Along with these new design options, the standard Cubic Designs benefits come with each mezzanine; PE-stamped design and drawings at no extra charge, quick and easy installation with little plant disruption and highest quality manufacturing – AISC certified.

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