Spotlight on New Products: Cubic Designs Offers Mezzanines and More!

Cubic Designs has built an industry leading reputation by providing high quality prefabricated mezzanine systems. Our mezzanines are custom designed to increase productivity and maximize space within a facility. In addition to structural integrity, mezzanine systems by Cubic Designs are built with detailed craftsmanship for a great appearance.

However, we are more than just mezzanine systems. We are now offering two new products that build on the same quality workmanship we use in designing and constructing mezzanines. Our new canopies and pipe racks are sure to bring additional benefits to any plant or facility.

For protection from the elements, professionally-engineered steel canopies are an outstanding option. Constructed from heavy-duty square tubing with cold-formed c-channel components, canopies withstand snow and wind loads, while protecting people and products from the sun and rain. Applications for these structures can be employee shelters, external staircase coverings, material storage, sports dugouts, waste bin area coverings and more. Canopies are available with a powder coat or galvanized steel finish for use indoors or outdoors.

Custom designed pipe racks are pre-engineered systems that provide elevated support for material processing lines such as elevated piping, conduits, cable trays, ducting, and other overhead facilities support systems. Raising facility service lines allows personnel, trucks, rail cars, and other equipment to move around the facility freely and easily. Pipe racks are manufactured with heavy-duty square tubing and cold-formed c-channel components in heights, lengths, capacities, and specifications to meet the requirements of any facility or application. This system can be used indoors or out with finishes that can withstand the elements and be color-matched to plant or equipment.

All of these systems are manufactured efficiently and economically in our state-of-the-art fabrication plant. Contact us today to learn more about how canopies and pipe racks can enhance and improve your facility’s working environment.

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