New Year, New Website

The holidays are here and that means that 2014 is fast approaching. This is an especially popular time for resolutions, changes, and new beginnings. While we resolve to keep offering the highest quality products to our customers and always look to changing technology and growth opportunities, the focus of this post is on what’s new (and improved): Our website.

We believe it’s important to stay relevant and up-to-date, and as a result, along with the reminder of the New Year being a good time for change, we decided to update our website and make it that much better. So what are some of the new features you’ll find?

There is now a mezzanines color selector feature, where you can easily click on the colors and see what they will look like on your new mezzanine. Check it out here  and see it in action.

The new site also features a better photo gallery, with more, newly-updated pictures as well as a search-by-application function, making it easier to use.

We’ve also added newer case studies, so you can see what we’ve done recently and keep up with us. Check it out!

And if you’ve been enjoying our blog, you’ll be happy to know you can now read it directly on our website, without having to navigate away from it. We think this keeps things smoother and more user-friendly.

Finally, the RFQ forms are more intuitive than they were before, and therefore easier and more functional.

The New Year is all about changes, and we think this new website is fresher, easier, and much more “us”.  Take a look, and feel free to share your thoughts with us. And have a very happy, healthy, positive-change-filled New Year!

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