New Improvements and Product Offerings at Cubic Designs!

2015 has been another big year for Cubic Designs, with continued improvements and capabilities to benefit our customers.  Late last year we completed a 31,500 square foot expansion to our plant in Waupaca – this year we have been able to fully take advantage of that expansion by increasing and improving our offerings, and by taking on more projects without affecting our lead times.

Manufacturing efficiencies have been significantly improved by the addition of new plant equipment and changes to the layout of work cells, all of which occurred during the expansion.  The addition of our state of the art robotic PythonX plasma cutter has greatly improved processing efficiencies for a wide variety of steel shapes and materials, including tube steel, wide flange and other 3-dimensional shapes.  “Cuts that used to take an hour are now done in a matter of minutes,” explains John Moore, Vice President of Cubic Designs. The PythonX also significantly reduces the margin of error on any given project since it automatically takes measurements before performing each cut.  The new Wheelabrator abrasive blasting system allows us to prepare the hot rolled steel that we receive from the mills ourselves.  This system removes mill scale prior to our signature multi-color powder coat paint application.

Another big advancement this year is further refinement of our stainless steel product offerings.  Our bead blast system and dedicated welding stations provide proper metal segregation practices and ensure that our stainless projects have the highest quality finish available.  “As the only company in the industry producing pre-engineered, pre-manufactured stainless steel mezzanines, we’ve been extremely careful in making sure that we are manufacturing those systems the right way” explains Mike Giffhorn, President of Cubic Designs. Our stainless products go through a passivation process on all welds, and will be finished using a #8 bead blast process that provides a platform finish acceptable within the food and beverage industry.

Round railing is now a standard option for any of our systems, in addition to our prior standard of square tube railing.  Driven by the requirements of the food and beverage industry, round railing is an option that many customers request – now you have more options!  As a result of our investment in a new hydraulic pipe bender, our round railing is made without bulky and cumbersome connector fittings.  It’s made in welded panel sections for a smooth and clean look.

Back at headquarters, we’ve continued to make improvements to our quote program to provide you with the speedy turnaround of mezzanine quotes that you’ve come to expect.  These improvements allow our Regional Managers to quickly and accurately quote projects, utilizing our newer offerings like stainless steel, round handrail and the new variety of framing types.  A 24-hour turnaround for the majority of our quotes continues to be our goal!

As we continue to grow and improve, we remain ever mindful that you are the reason that we are successful, and we follow two simple guidelines with that in mind.  First, we must do what we can to make our part of your process as easy as possible.  Second, we understand that you must be profitable in your own business.  Our improvements and new product offerings are successful when they benefit you – we encourage and welcome your feedback.

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