Meet the Team: Fab Night Shift

Our complete in-house fabrication and Professional Engineering services enable us to offer you customized mezzanines and safety products at an affordable price. Meet the Fab team that keeps things running smoothly at our Waupaca, WI manufacturing facility.

Dan Poehlman

dan-p-croppedIn 2006, Dan joined the Cubic Designs family. Prior to joining the team, he worked on CNC Machining, building fire trucks and hauling yacht interiors. At college Dan studied Automotive Technology. As 2nd Shift Supervisor, Dan oversees the entire night shift team. He manages inventory and orders supplies as necessary. Outside of work, Dan enjoys camping and spending time with his family. He also puts his skills to work customizing his various vehicles. In the winter, Dan enjoys bowling and in the summer months he can be found playing volleyball.




Joe Murphy

joe-croppedSince 2005, Joe has been a valued member of the Cubic Designs team. Before starting at Cubic, Joe worked as the maintenance manager at Penford Food. Joe is the 2nd Shift Fab Shop Foreman, overseeing production and quality control. In his down time, Joe enjoys hunting and fishing.





Mark Thayer

mark-croppedPrior to joining the Cubic Designs team over 5 years ago, Mark owned a business which specialized in hanging sheet rock. As the 2nd Shift Weld Foreman, Mark oversees all welding and is in charge of quality control. Outside of work, Mark enjoys spending time working on hot rods, fishing and hunting.


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