Meet the Team: Cristo Rey Interns

Cristo Rey

Written By: Itaty Ramirez, Marketing Intern

Isaac Cosme, IT Intern

IsaacIsaac is currently a sophomore at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. He has had experience working as an intern; last year he interned at BMO Harris Bank. As an intern at Cubic Designs Isaac works on Thursdays in the IT department. When he’s not in school, Isaac enjoys sports, both as a spectator and a player. He also enjoys watching his favorite shows on Netflix. One of his skills is writing and he has plans to be an entrepreneur in the future.  Moreover, Isaac hopes to make a difference in the world.




Emily Saldivar, Project Management Intern


In August Emily started high school at Cristo Rey as a freshman. She has never interned before and is working on Tuesdays with the Cubic Designs Project Management team. Outside of working and learning, Emily likes being a part of an improvisation club. She likes to see the good side of any situation. Emily is working hard in high school so that in the future she can be successful in whatever job she chooses and help provide for her family.




Itaty Ramirez, Marketing Intern


Itaty is a freshman at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. She has never worked as an intern but has had experience helping out at her dad’s business. At Cubic Designs, she works in the Marketing Department on Wednesdays. Outside of school she enjoys playing and watching soccer and basketball, she also enjoys spending time with her brothers and nephew. Itaty is a skilled mathematician and hopes to attend college and have a successful career.




Oscar Lopez, Administration and Finance Intern


Oscar is a sophomore at Cristo Rey and is interning for the second year. As a freshman he interned at Froedtert Hospital. This year Oscar works on Fridays with the Administration and Finance team at Cubic Designs. One of his talents is drawing which he enjoys doing outside of school. He also enjoys riding his bike. Oscar does not know what he wants to do in the future, but has an open mind.

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