Material Handling is an Evolving and Multi-Faceted Field

The material handling industry is not just about moving items from one place to the next. It is an involved and complex industry that is vital to manufacturing. Material handling is the complex movement, storage, control, and protection of products and goods. It involves equipment, methods, and people to make the process flow and run smoothly and productively.

There are four subcategories that make up the material handling industry: storage and handling equipment, engineered systems, industrial trucks, and bulk material handling. As manufacturing technology changes and improves, so must the material handling industry. To keep pace with the markets and the needs of manufacturers, the industry must be thinking one step ahead to anticipate its response to the changing markets.

Technological changes are occurring throughout the industry. Storage and handling equipment is being modified to work with redesigned floor plans and building needs. Smaller, lighter weight carts are a benefit both to the consumer and the company. Using recycled material in pallets and shelving, as well as more energy efficient pallet trucks and forklifts help companies rethink their future.

Changes to industrial trucking hope to bring energy efficiency and safer roads to the material handling industry. Telemetrics and automated safety features could be integrated into the industry before the decade is out. As for bulk material handling equipment, advances in new material characterization techniques and predictive processes, developments in on-line flow property measurement techniques, and loads on storage bins and extractive belt feeders allow companies to stay competitive.

At Cubic Designs, we understand expanding and evolving to maintain the highest level of service our customers have come to expect from us. We are constantly looking to the future while valuing the past. While still providing an excellent service in mezzanine building for standard applications, we are expanding into new industries, such as food and beverage. Designed to meet the specialized needs of clean processing and packaging operations, our custom built platform and mezzanines are ready for the challenges of the future.

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