Lifetime Warranty

Cubic Designs’ Lifetime Warranty

Cubic Designs Mezzanines carry a lifetime warranty covering all structural components of the mezzanine, provided the following conditions are met:

  • The mezzanine is installed in its entirety per the instruction manual and drawings provided by Cubic Designs.
  • The mezzanine is loaded within the live load capacity limits as indicated on engineered drawings and labels provided with the installation manual.

Excluded from this warranty are paint finish, deck walking surfaces, and normal wear and tear to other non-structural components.

Code Compliance

Cubic Designs, Inc. guarantees that its Cubic Mezzanines, stairs, railings, and related products will meet or exceed IBC, UBC, BOCA, or OSHA code requirements. In addition to all of our products being in compliance with pertinent building codes, Cubic Designs will provide all Professional Engineer stamped drawings and calculations which may be required to obtain building permits.

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