Food Grade Platforms Lead to Huge Improvements in Food Safety

In this day and age it is important for companies to remain as competitive as possible within their industry. With the constant advancements in technology, updates in equipment, and new regulations and requirements, “keeping up with the Joneses” can turn into an expensive and difficult task. Being experts in the food and beverage industry we at Cubic Designs understand the struggle that companies face daily when it comes to improving food safety. When it comes to companies that are faced with the ever changing Food and Drug Administration’s requirements we are confident Food Grade Platforms are the way to go when you need more space or better access to equipment in your facility.

Food Grade Platforms are ideal for food and beverage processing and packaging companies that must meet the USDA and FDA requirements for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP’s), as designated by AIB International. AIB International is dedicated to protecting the safety of the food supply chain worldwide. As more and more regulations are placed in the industry, sanitation should remain top priority.

A typical standard mezzanine uses a C-Channel design to maximize steel efficiency for most mezzanine spans; this c-channel design has openings allowing for bacteria to catch on ledges.  A food grade mezzanine or platform has a closed rectangular steel channel and clean connection points throughout to minimize those catch points found on a standard design.

Updating your equipment or adding a new food grade platform doesn’t necessarily mean astronomical costs. At Cubic Designs we understand the struggles companies are facing to stay profitable in this economy. Our Food grade platforms are pre manufactured and sold as a pre module system. Not only will this keep costs lower but it will also cause little disruption to the workplace when installed. We will also provide a PE-stamped drawing at no extra charge. Having our engineers in house typically allows us to offer quicker lead times and lower prices than your average contractor.

If you are looking for an ideal solution to create more space and outfit your processing and packaging facility and streamline operations we recommend you contact us today.

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