Cubic Designs: Going Beyond Standards to Keep You Safe

It’s no secret there are many safety hazards in manufacturing.  And it’s a reasonable expectation that responsible companies are doing all they can to maintain a safe environment for their workers. Not only is it the right thing to do for the workforce, it’s the right thing to do for the stakeholders, because every accident has an impact on profitability.

A recent study from Zurich, examines the cost of accidents that result in injury to personnel.  The Association Of American Engineers, states “Indirect costs of injuries may be 20 times the direct costs – Indirect costs include: training and compensating replacement workers; repairing damaged property; accident investigation and implementation of corrective action; scheduling delays and lost productivity; administrative expense; low employee morale and increased absenteeism; poor customer and community relations.”

Safeguarding our employees is always a top priority. Preventing accidents not only protects employees, it avoids damage to equipment and products as well.  Cubic Designs Safety Products protect people and equipment from costly accidents caused by lift trucks and other in-plant vehicles. These products safeguard human work areas, equipment, building columns, conveyors, rack systems, in-plant offices, overhead doors, walls, docks and more.

From safety rails to aisle guards, from gates to barrier rails; we set the standard in custom engineered industrial safety products. Our products are built to meet all building codes and strict safety requirements.  For more information on how Cubic Designs can make your facility a safer place to work, please visit our website.

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