Celebrating and Promoting Made in the USA: It Matters

As the reshoring movement continues and American manufacturing is consistently coming back, it’s as important as ever to remind everyone—in the industry, and beyond—about the importance and value of American-made products.

Did you know that according to a survey by Consumer Reports, “78 percent of Americans would rather buy [an] American product, and 60 percent of respondents said they’d buy American-made clothes and appliances even if they cost 10 percent more than imported versions”? Good news, indeed. However, it’s important that we keep this progress going, rather than simply relying on these statistics.

When we utilize American materials, suppliers, parts, and labor, we are helping to strengthen the economy, the job market, and, according to American Made Matters® (AMM), the American Dream. AMM is an organization whose purpose is to increase awareness about the importance of buying American products, and they are doing everything they can to get all Americans involved.

As a result, they have officially declared November 19, 2013 American Made Matters® Day. This day is meant to not only celebrate our country’s goods, but to encourage every single American to purchase a U.S.-made product that day. They also hope to keep the momentum going by starting “a movement encouraging Americans to buy products made in America throughout the upcoming holiday shopping season.”

At Cubic Designs, we believe in the value of this movement and this day, and encourage everyone to get involved. As a proud American manufacturer, everything we use is American-made. From the steel we start with to the full finishing and decking systems we make, everything is made in the USA.

Why? We truly care about keeping it at home, boosting our economy, and supporting American industries.

According to AMM, “every factory job added creates three additional jobs. Other estimates are as high as five additional jobs. This is more powerful than any other segment of our economy.” This is as good a reason as any to support and celebrate American manufacturing.

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