2013 Year in Review, 2014 Outlook

2013 was certainly a memorable year at Cubic Designs.  Another record year and solid growth, and of course the acquisition by our new parent company MiTek/Berkshire Hathaway.  No wonder the year seemed to go by so quickly, and somehow we are well in to the New Year.

2014 should be another exciting year of growth and prosperity.  We have plans to expand the plant in Waupaca to over 100,000 sqft, primarily to facilitate a continued push into the Food Grade industry, but also to accommodate higher volumes in other areas too.  We recently hired a new engineer and plan to bring on several more resources in that department.  The installation group is as busy as ever and continues to add employees.  IT and Accounting/Admin continue to work behind the scenes to make sure we can all do our jobs effectively.  It is hard to find an area of the company that is not really busy and looking to expand.

While we have certainly had our share of good fortune over the years, we honestly believe that the single biggest reason for our success is the unbelievable group of employees throughout the organization.  Obviously, there are some unique skill sets in various positions, but more important than that is the attitude and work ethic that each of our staff brings to their job each day.  We are truly blessed to have such a long term, competent, hardworking, and pleasant group of people at Cubic Designs.  If you haven’t had a chance to talk to or meet anyone on our team yet, give us a call and see how Cubic Designs can be the perfect fit for your operation.

Cheers to a great 2013, and a bright future in 2014 and beyond.

-Mike Giffhorn, President

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