• Cubic Designs Awarded Most Valuable Supplier by MHEDA in 2017

    Cubic Designs received MHEDA's MVS Award for the second consecutive year!

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  • Large Stainless Steel Industrial Mezzanine

    This Cubic Designs steel industrial mezzanines allows for double the space within the same building footprint, no costly add-on needed.

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  • Square Safety Bollards Guard Valuable Plant Equipment & Loading Dock Areas

    Cubic Designs Industrial Safety Products help protect your equipment and your employees from costly in-plant accidents caused by lift trucks and other vehicles

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  • Cubic Designs Wins 2015 Warehouse Innovation Award

    Cubic Designs wins Beverage World Innovation Award!

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  • Food Grade Platform For Food Manufacturing Facilities

    Cubic Designs equipment platforms and mezzanines can support your facility's needs at every level.

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  • Standard Steel & Stainless Steel Mezzanines with Custom Black Finishing

    Each Cubic Designs mezzanine system is custom made to meet your specific needs.

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  • Close Up of Cubic Designs Custom Mezzanine with Steel Floor Plate Decking

    Cubic Designs custom mezzanines allow for easy access to machinery in your facility.

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  • Aerial View Of Cubic Designs Mezzanine Facility In Waupaca Wisconsin

    Cubic Designs recently completed a 32,000 square foot expansion on our manufacturing facility in Waupaca.

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  • Custom manufactured multi-level mezzanine for Briggs & Stratton

    This Cubic Designs large multi-level industrial mezzanine supports racking and conveyors in a distribution center.

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  • Multi-Level Food Grade Platform For A Food And Beverage Company

    This Cubic Designs food grade platform is made of galvanized steel and has an all closed tube and welded design to minimize catch points.

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  • Equipment Support Mezzanine for MPR Plastics

    Cubic Designs mezzanines support and allow access to equipment in your facility.

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Cubic Designs is the perfect fit

Cubic Designs Mezzanine Systems…The Perfect Fit.

Cubic Designs engineers and manufactures custom, free-standing structures that add space to your facilities. With 30 years and over 9,000 builds under our belt, Cubic Designs has the experience to tackle projects of any size.

Prefabricated storage mezzanine

Cost Effective Warehouse/ Mezzanine Solutions

Our custom solutions are built to maximize savings. From our efficient in-house engineering to the minimum downtime to install, our turnkey structures provide the space and efficiency you need without costly renovations.

Office support and storage mezzanine

Safe and Strong

The expertise of our professional engineers combined with our manufacturing track record using the highest quality materials ensures that your mezzanine solution will be safe, reliable and strong.

New Belgium Brewery Equipment Support Mezzanine And Access Platform

Easy To Install

Our easy to install mezzanine structures are flexible and expandable giving you the control to add the space you need. Custom, quality bolted designs make for quick and easy installation with no mess.